The firm was created in 1997 by Isabelle Francou. At the end of 2013, Isabelle Francou and Marie Subreville came together to form a partnership. Our firm is committed to providing our clientele with quality, personalised and responsive services through a team that is available as needed, and skilled in its area of specialised expertise. The cases are handled under the direct responsibility of a partner and one or more associates depending on the nature of the case. Most of our cases are handled by a two-person team, which results in greater availability, immediate responsiveness and reasonable costs. Our clients are mainly French companies or members of international groups. Our clients’ areas of business are very diversified (consulting, computerised data processing and CRM, investment, fund management, hotel and restaurant industry, luxury product, metallurgy, specialised engineering, air transport, publishing, textiles and clothing, new technology, computer security, chartered accountancy, food distribution, gambling, recruitment and head hunting, and advertising firms). Since a number of our clients are English-speaking (French subsidiaries of foreign groups), we regularly deal with English dossiers.